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Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of frequently asked questions designed to aid web publishers in the management of their accounts. If you are unable to find the answer to your questions in this document, then please feel free to contact Publisher Support directly at publishers@tribalfusion.com or call us at our dedicated Publisher Support line at 510.250.5508.

I’ve uploaded my logo and site description. Where does my site media kit appear?
Site media kits appear on our website at www.tribalfusion.com. Click on “Channels”, “List of Sites”, and then open up the category tree until you find your website. Click on the icon next to the site to view your media kit.
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How do I block certain advertisers from running on my site?
First, you must identify the domain name of the advertiser you wish to block.

  • After you have logged into your account, click on "Manage Site" and then the Ad Space on which the offending ad is running (Typically the Ad Space is "ROS").
  • Click on "Reports", then "Campaigns".
  • Click on the name of the campaign that you wish to block, and then copy the Ad-Blocking Domain.
Next, you must access the Ad Blocking by Domain section of your account:
  • click on your site name in the left frame, then "Manage", "Ad Blocking".
  • Select "Block by Domain" from the pulldown menu and enter the Ad Blocking Domain into the field.
  • Click on "Submit" and the advertiser will be blocked from your site immediately.
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How do I apply ad blocking filters?
  • Log into your account and click on “Manage Site”, then “YourSiteName” in the left frame.
  • Click on “Manage”, “Ad Blocking” and select “Block by Ad Category” from the pulldown menu (default is “Block by Domain”).
  • Check off the boxes next to the ad categories you’d like to block from running on your site.
  • Click on “Submit” to save changes. Changes take place immediately.
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Only 468x60 tags are available to me in my account. How do I run other ad units?
468x60/728x90 code is available by default to you. To run 728x90s, select the “Variable Size” option when generating 468x60 code. The 468x60, Variable Size tag will support both 728x90s and 468x60s.

If you are interested in running additional ad units, please contact your account representative. He or she will activate the necessary ad tags for you.

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I’ve been on my site many times today and now all I see is my default ads or public service announcements. What happened to the paid ads?
Many of our ad campaigns are frequency capped per user. Our server also filters ad requests from spiders and robots. It is likely that you have already reached your quota for paid Tribal Fusion ads for the day. Delete your Tribal Fusion cookies in order to see another paid TF ad.

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I don’t want any public service announcements to run on my site. How do I get rid of them?
There are two ways you can avoid public service announcements. The first method is to set up a redirect campaign to replace the PSAs and fill unsold inventory. Details on how to do so are available at this url: http://www.tribalfusion.com/info/pub/helpdocs/postflight/index.html

The second way to avoid public service announcements is to run our “Allow Empty Ad” tags. The server will serve a transparent 1x1 gif instead of a paid ad, and the contents of your page will shift upwards as if there was no ad at all. To run these tags, select the “Allow Empty Ad” option (default is “Always Show Ad’) when generating new ad tags.

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What does the minimum market pricing option refer to?
The minimum market pricing option in the Ad Space section of your account refers to the gross CPM rate at which we can sell banners on your site to advertisers for site-specific campaigns. The sales team will use this rate as a starting point for rate negotiation when pitching your site to advertisers.

The Marketing Price does not refer to a pricing floor for all run of network and Tribal Fusion Direct ads. Please see How do I set the minimum effective CPM pricing floor in my account? for more information.

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How do I set the minimum effective CPM pricing floor in my account?
  • Log into your Tribal Fusion account and click on “Manage Site”.
  • Click on your site name in the left frame, then “Manage”, “Settings”.
  • Click on “Pricing Floor”.
  • Select the desired pricing floor minimum.
  • Click on “Submit” to save changes.
For more information regarding the effective pricing floor and the Tribal Fusion Direct program, please click on this url: http://www.tribalfusion.com/info/pub/helpdocs/directprogram/index.html
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How do I view real-time statistics in your system?
First access the “Campaigns” report of an ad space (Log into your site and click on “Manage Site”, then an ad space, then “Reports”, then “Date). Select “This Week”, “This Month”, or “Today” from the first pull-down menu in the Report tab to view real time data.


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How do I view the booked CPM of each campaign that is running on my site?
First access the “Campaigns” report of an ad space (Log into your site and click on “Manage Site”, then an ad space, then “Reports”, then “Campaigns”). Select “Market” from the second pulldown menu (default is “all”). A column titled “Eff CPM”, or effective CPM, displays the gross CPM of each campaign.

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What does the “Tribal Fusion Direct” line item in my Campaigns report stand for?
Please see more information regarding the Tribal Fusion Direct program at this url: http://www.tribalfusion.com/info/pub/helpdocs/directprogram/index.html
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Why do some campaigns have no effective CPM, revenue, or impression numbers associated with them?
Campaigns that are listed without corresponding data are participating in the Tribal Fusion Direct program. Individual campaign statistics are aggregated into the single “Tribal Fusion Direct” line item.

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How do I figure out the overall average CPM that a certain ad unit is generating?
Average CPM rates per ad unit are not available. You can, however, sort the Campaigns report by clicking on “Media”. Then copy and paste data for each ad unit into an Excel spreadsheet and calculate the revenue and impressions totals to figure out average CPM.

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What are your payment terms?
Tribal Fusion pays net45 and the minimum check amount is $50. We send checks on the 15th of every month.

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What information do you need from me to issue payment?
Tribal Fusion needs the payee on check and the mailing address of your account. Log into your Tribal Fusion account and click on "User Info" on the top of the page to verify payment information.

Every United States based Publisher account must also have a unique taxpayer identification number (EIN) or Social Security number. In no event will payments be made on United States accounts that have not provided proper tax identification information. Please verify that this information has been submitted in your account.

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Do you pay by wire transfer, Paypal, or direct deposit?
We pay by paper check only.

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How do I adjust the minimum check amount payout?
To increase the minimum check payout, log into your account and click on “Accounts” at the top of the page. Select “YourSiteName” from the pulldown menu on the right, then “Withdrawals”. Click on “Change”, make the necessary adjustments, and then click on “Submit” to save your changes.

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What is the purpose of running a redirect/post campaign?
Tribal Fusion does not guarantee that it can fill all the ad inventory that you allocate to us. Therefore, to monetize the inventory that we are not filling with paid ads, you may run ads from another vendor, your own advertisers, and/or house ads, free of charge. Details on how to set up a redirect/post campaign are available at this url: http://www.tribalfusion.com/info/pub/helpdocs/postflight/index.html

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How can I tell which redirect campaigns are active and which are no longer running?
The status of a flight is designated by the airplane icon that appears to the left side of a flight name:

  • White plane : A flight that has not yet been launched
  • Light grey plane : A flight that has been active and is no longer running on the site.
  • Dark grey plane : A currently running flight

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My default campaigns are listed with a “Pending” status. Can I get my ad approved so I can run it on my site?
Default campaigns and their associated creatives do not need approval to run on your own site. Therefore, creative status will remain as “Pending”. The post flight will still run on your site.

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How do I land a currently flying campaign or flight?
Click on the flight name, then the “Status” tab. Then click on the “Land Flight” button.

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How do I delete a campaign or flight?
Once a campaign or flight has been launched on your site, it cannot be deleted from the list of advertisers. You can select “Running” from the pulldown menu in the Ad Campaigns section of your account (default is “Recent”) to view only currently running campaigns.

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How do I set up a 728x90 default campaign? I can’t select the media size when configuring a campaign.
Contact your account representative or email Publisher Support to request the ability to run 728x90 default ads.
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Why aren’t clicks being tracked on my rich media redirect campaigns?
Creatives for rich media redirect campaigns are hosted by your web site servers, not the Tribal Fusion ad server. The TF server can only track clicks for creatives it hosts. Therefore, it cannot track clicks on rich media redirects.
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How do I run a redirect campaign through only one of my ad spaces?
To run a redirect campaign targeted to only one of your ad spaces, click on the “Ad Properties” button under the “Select Target Categories” option in the Flight Plan page. The next window lists all the ad spaces associated with your account. Check off the box next to the desired ad spaces and click on “Update”, then “Done” to save changes. The post flight is now targeted to only run through ad tags associated with that particular ad space.
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My account was just activated and revenue dropped after the first couple of days. What’s going on?
The Tribal Fusion ad server tracks the performance of ad campaigns on each site in our network. In order to gather data regarding site performance on a new account, the server serves paid ads from all the campaigns currently live through Tribal Fusion. Therefore, the revenue and CPM of a new account is initially quite high. After a couple of days, the server has gathered the necessary data and begins to optimize, thereby sending the site more impressions from campaigns that it’s performing well on and diverting impressions away from campaigns that it’s not performing well on. Fill rate may then decrease to a more normal level.
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How does the Tribal Fusion ad server serve ads?
The Tribal Fusion ad server serves ads based on the following general principles:
  • Reach maximization: User behavior studies have shown that the most valuable ad inventory is the first five impressions a given user sees on any web property. Therefore, the Tribal Fusion ad server serves ads to as many unique users as possible.
  • CPM: When targeting the same ad space, Tribal Fusion’s proprietary ad server serves higher paying CPM campaigns before lower paying CPM campaigns. High CPM campaigns therefore gain access to the most valuable inventory and therefore outperform lower paying CPM campaigns.
  • Performance: Although most of our advertisers purchase inventory on a CPM level, the clients still assesses the success of their advertising campaigns on specific performance metrics (i.e. CPC, CPA). The Tribal Fusion ad server optimizes ad campaigns by shifting impressions to the best performing sites.
  • Geo-targeting: Some advertising clients target their campaigns to certain geographical regions. US, UK, and Canadian inventory are generally the most valuable.
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The fill rate of paid impressions is pretty low. What can I do to increase the number of ads that the Tribal Fusion ad server sends to my site?
  • Frequency cap the number of TF ads a user sees a day: The Tribal Fusion ad server works on a reach maximization engine, meaning it attempts to serve ads to as many users as possible. Therefore, it values unique users over mere impression numbers. If you are using your own ad server to serve TF ads, then one way to increase the fill rate of ads is to impose a frequency cap on TF ads. We suggest a cap of at least four impressions a user per 24 hour period.
  • Allocate US, UK, and Canada only traffic to Tribal Fusion: The majority of our campaigns are targeted to US, UK, and/or Canadian users. Allocating us traffic from those geographical regions will increase the ratio of paid to unpaid Tribal Fusion ads.
  • Decrease the effective CPM pricing floor: The purpose of the Tribal Fusion Direct Program is to increase overall revenue by allowing certain heavily performance based campaigns to run on your site at a potentially reduced effective CPM. Please read the documentation available on the url below for more information:

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The average CPM my site generates keeps fluctuating. Why does that happen?
The online advertising industry is a fast paced, fluid, and highly seasonal industry. Advertising campaigns are being launched, paused, or ended depending upon performance, budget, and other various factors as dictated by the advertiser client. Overall budgets increase and decrease depending upon seasonality (i.e. Inventory levels and CPMs are generally the highest during the holiday shopping season, but drop dramatically after the New Year). As a result, the average CPM that your site generates will constantly fluctuate.

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I want you to fill as much of my inventory at possible, at any CPM. How do I set up my account to do that?
To allow Tribal Fusion to fill as much inventory as possible, adjust the effective CPM pricing floor to $0.00. To do so, click on “Manage Site”, “YourSiteName”, “Manage”, “Settings”, and “Pricing Floor”.

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Some of my users have complained that Tribal Fusion is trying to download something onto their computers. Do you run spyware?
Tribal Fusion does not download malicious software onto a user’s computer. However, we do assign an anonymous cookie to each user. This cookie serves only two purposes:
  • We track how many times an ad is served to a particular user and we stop serving the ad after a certain number of views.
  • We limit the number of times we serve intrusive ads to each user's browser.
Although our cookies are not malicious and do not compromise the privacy of a user, some anti-adware and anti-spyware programs detect Tribal Fusion as spyware and therefore may trigger a warning on a user’s computer. It is, however, safe to download our cookie onto your computer and will help us ensure good performance on the ad campaigns purchased on your site.

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What is Tribal Fusion’s privacy policy?
Our privacy policy can be found at this url: http://www.tribalfusion.com/TribalFusion/privacy.html
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