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Tribal Fusion Direct Program
  • What is the Tribal Fusion Direct Program and how does it work?
  • What is the pricing floor?
  • What do I see in my reports?
  • What about the CPM aspect of Tribal Fusion?
  • What about my current default/redirect campaigns and other vendors?
  • Other Frequently Asked Questions

  •     What is the Tribal Fusion Direct Program and how does it work?
    The Tribal Fusion Direct Program works by automatically adjusting the price of performance-based campaigns running on your site at an effective CPM level. You will set a minimum CPM pricing floor in your accounts. Direct response campaigns that have an effective CPM that equals or exceeds the minimum will then run on your site. The end result is a higher percentage of sold inventory and a significant increase in generated revenue.

    The purpose of Tribal Fusion Direct is to monetize previously unsold inventory and fill it at the highest effective CPM (eCPM) rate possible. Currently, Tribal Fusion’s optimization engine serves only CPM based advertising, although some campaigns may be heavily performance-based. Therefore, some sites may be ineligible for some campaigns as a result of not meeting the advertisers’ performance goal. With the Direct Program, the publisher can reduce the pricing floor and thereby re-qualify for campaigns and generate increased revenue at this reduced CPM rate.

    The effective CPM for some campaigns may actually increase. A site’s eCPM for a particular campaign may exceed a certain performance metric as a result of outstanding performance. In those cases, the Tribal Fusion Direct Program will automatically increase the CPM and adjust the campaign to meet the higher eCPM, once again generating significant incremental revenue.

    In essence, the site is now generating revenue based upon effective CPMs. As a publisher, you can adjust the pricing floor to suit your revenue needs. The Direct Program will automatically fill your unsold inventory and serve campaigns with the highest effective CPM.

        What is the pricing floor?
    The pricing floor is a minimum effective CPM at which impressions are run on your site. This means that campaigns that perform at or higher than the minimum will run. In addition, CPM campaigns that have been sold by our sales team at higher CPMs will continue to run. Campaigns that may not perform as well will have the opportunity to run on your site at a reduced, lower eCPM, thereby increasing fill rate and overall revenue.

    You can set a price that ranges between no minimum ($0.00) to $.60 CPM. By default, there is no minimum pricing floor set for your account. If you would like us to fill as much available advertising inventory at any price, you can leave the settings to the default. Otherwise, feel free to set the minimum at an effective CPM rate that suits your needs. The pricing floor represents the gross CPM.

    To adjust the pricing floor:

  • Log into your Tribal Fusion account and click on “Manage Site”.
  • Click on your site name in the left frame, then “Manage”, “Settings”.
  • Click on “Pricing Floor”.
  • Select the desired pricing floor minimum.
  • Click on “Submit” to save changes.
  • Note: Tribal Fusion Direct estimates the current effective CPM based on past performance. Since the effective CPM is not exact, the pricing floor should only be viewed as a guideline.

        What do I see in my reports?
    The “Campaigns” report will include an additional row entitled “Tribal Fusion Direct” that aggregates data from all Direct campaigns and reports an overall eCPM, impression and revenue amount. It is important to realize that the revenue associated with campaigns in the Tribal Fusion Direct program can be delayed for several days to weeks. When viewing reports for a specific time duration, there is not a direct correlation between impressions served and revenue earned. As a result, it is important to view the average performance of the Tribal Fusion Direct Program over several weeks or months.

    All campaigns in the Tribal Fusion Direct Program include a parallel CPM component, so your reports will always list all campaigns that display on your site and you can continue to block any campaigns by domain.

        What about the CPM aspect of Tribal Fusion?
    Tribal Fusion’s primary focus will continue to be the representation of high quality sites on a site-specific and targeted channel basis. We will continue to provide our publishers with high CPM, highly targeted channel and site specific buys.

    The purpose of the Tribal Fusion Direct Program is to generate additional revenue for publishers by monetizing previously unsold inventory The Direct Program technology automatically maximizes your revenue by optimizing performance on an effective CPM basis.

        What about my current default/redirect campaigns and other vendors?
    You can continue to use default/redirect campaigns for any inventory we are unable to fill. If you set the pricing floor higher than the default $0.00, you should set up a default to fill the additional unsold inventory.
        Other Frequently Asked Questions
    How will this affect my revenue?
    The Tribal Fusion Direct Program has the potential to significantly increase publisher revenue. Because the program now books campaigns on an effective CPM level, your site will be eligible for a wider variety of advertisers. An increase in revenue is directly related to your individual account settings. If your pricing floor is booked at a rate that exceeds the effective CPM that your site generates, then your revenue increase may be minimal. However, if your pricing floor is booked at a rate that allows campaigns to run at the appropriate eCPM, then your revenue increase will be substantial.

    How will this affect my average CPM?
    You have the ability to select the minimum pricing floor for direct response campaigns that are booked on your site. If you select a low minimum effective CPM, then CPMs will most likely decrease. We will, however, fill a higher percentage of your inventory, thereby resulting in an overall increase in revenue. If you select a higher minimum effective CPM, then CPMs may remain high, but you may not earn the incremental revenue that this program can generate for you.

    What is a good pricing floor setting?
    The pricing floor you set should reflect your revenue needs. If you prefer Tribal Fusion to monetize as much available advertising inventory you allocate to us and to fill every impression with a paid ad, regardless of price, the pricing floor should be left at the default, no minimum, $.00 setting. If there is a minimum eCPM level you need to meet, set the pricing floor accordingly. We will fill as much inventory as we can at the highest eCPM possible.

    Keep in mind that as you raise the pricing floor, your eligibility for certain campaigns becomes limited. You will not be eligible for campaigns that fall below that minimum effective CPM.

    What ad units does this affect?
    The Direct Program affects all ad units running on your site.

    Is performance based on the site-wide level, or on the ad space level?
    Performance is based on the ad space level.

    Help! I'm completely lost and need some help. How do I contact you?
    For further assistance, please send an email to publishers@tribalfusion.com. A member from the Tribal Fusion Site Representation team will be in contact with you as soon as possible.