T R I B A L   F U S I O N   P O S T   F L I G H T   S E T - U P   I N S T R U C T I O N S

Tribal Fusion Post Flight Set-up Instructions
  • Creating a client
  • Configuring a campaign
  • Configuring a flight
  • Managing your list of default flights
  • Using Tribal Fusion as a Complete Ad-serving Solution
  • Frequently Asked Questions

  •    Managing Unsold Inventory: Introduction
    The Tribal Fusion ad server attempts to fill every ad impression your site makes available to us with a paid advertisement. However, in the event there is unsold inventory remaining, we return the inventory for your use. Publishers can set up their own in-house ads, redirect to other ad networks, or configure campaigns for advertisers they have secured independently.

    If a redirect is not set up, we will serve your site public service announcements, which we do not pay for. If you do not wish to set up a redirect campaign, you can avoid public service announcements on your site by implementing our “Allow Empty Ad” tags. Our server will then serve your site blanks in the event we do not have a paid ad or a redirect to serve your user.

       Creating a Client
    To start, log into your account and click on "Ad Campaigns" at the top of the page.

    Choosing appropriate client, campaign, and flight names can help you manage your post campaigns in an organized fashion. Click on "New Client" to begin. Here are some suggestions about how to name your client and organize your post flight account:

  • If you work with only one other advertiser or ad network, then your Client name should correspond to the name of your site. The campaign names can then correspond to the ad network/advertiser name and ad size:

  • If you work with several advertisers or ad networks, you can simply add additional campaigns under the site name:

  • You can also define the client as the advertiser, rather than the site:

  • After you have decided the naming convention of your client, campaign, and flights, the next step is to configure a campaign.

       Configuring a Campaign
    A campaign refers to the set of banner images and click URLs that you wish to run on your site. The name of the campaign can correspond to the product that you will be advertising, the name of the ad network that you will be redirecting to, or the ad size of the specific creative.

  • Click on "New Campaign". Enter your campaign name, select the appropriate media size, and hit "Submit".
  • Click on "Add Media".
  • Here, you can add the creative units and urls that will run on your page. There are four options from the pulldown menu:

  • Upload Banner: Enter the click URL and upload the corresponding image from your computer.
  • Select From Library: Select from a list of previously uploaded creatives from past campaigns.
  • Redirect: Redirect to another ad network or your own ad serving software by entering the img src and url.
  • Rich Media Redirect: Run rich media defaults by entering a url that references an HTML file on your web server that contains rich media code for another ad network.
  • Once you have uploaded all the necessary media and verified that the banners all click through to the correct URLs, click on "Finalize", then "Submit".
  • The status of the creative will be marked as pending. However, you do not need approval from us to run your redirects.

  •    Configuring a Flight
    When configuring a flight, you designate such parameters as number of impressions, burn rate, start and end date, and targeted ad spaces. You can configure and run multiple flights that use a corresponding campaign.
  • Click on "New Flight".
  • Enter your flight name (we typically set the flight name as the start and end dates - i.e. 4.10.03-4.09.04).
  • Select "Post" from the pulldown menu and hit "Submit".
  • There are a variety of parameters that you need to set under the Flight Configuration page:
  • Fuel (Impressions): You need to specify the number of impressions you'd like to allocate to the corresponding campaign. If you wish to configure a flight that will utilize all your unsold inventory, then fill the Fuel field with 9s and the application will calculate the maximum number of impressions for you.
  • Fuel Burn Rate: If you set the Fuel Burn Rate to Aggressive, the flight will serve as many impressions as possible. If you set the Fuel Burn Rate to Governed, the flight will evenly distribute the number of impressions over the duration of the flight.
  • Priority: If you are setting up several flights corresponding to different campaigns, you can set some flights to run at a higher priority than others with this option. The default option is "50 (med)".
  • Duration: Set the start and end dates of your flight. A flight can run for a maximum number of 365 days. The flight will run until the end date or the maximum number of impressions as designated under "Fuel" have been served.
  • Exposure Limit Per User: You can designate how many ads from this campaign a user sees in a given 24-day period. This option is typically set as "Unlimited".
  • Select Target Categories: Click on "Ad Properties". Check the boxes corresponding to the ad spaces you'd like the flight to run on. If you represent several sites, select the appropriate site from the pulldown menu on the right. Hit "Update" after each selection to save changes, then "Done" to return to the Flight Configuration page.
  • Once all the parameters are set to your liking, click on "Update" to save changes.
  • Click on "Verify" to verify that your flight has been set up correctly.
  • Once you're ready to start your flight, click on "Start" to launch your flight. An airplace icon will appear next to the flight name in the left frame to signify that the flight is currently active.

  • Congratulations, you have uploaded a redirect flight!

       Managing your List of Default Flights
    Because you often set up numerous flights for your default campaigns, the list of flights and previous flights may become a bit crowded. You now have the ability to hide landed flights and you can sort your list of flights to see All, All (Visible), Recent, Running, Pending, and Hidden.

  • The status of flights is determined by the small airplane next to the flight name.
  • The Black airplane signifies a flight that is currently running.
  • The Gray airplane signifies a flight that has landed and is no longer running.
  • The White airplane signifies a flight that is pending; some of it may be configured but it is not yet verified and started.
  • You can hide a flight that has been landed by clicking on the flight name, then clicking on the "Hide Flight" button at the bottom of the Flight Plan page.

  • Use the drop down menu above the list of clients, campaigns and flight names to choose which clients, campaigns and flights will be visible to you.

  • Selecting "All" will show all flights including hidden.
  • Selecting "All (Visible)" will show all flights except hidden.
  • Selecting "Recent" will show only the most recent running, landed, and pending flights, except hidden flights.
  • Selecting "Running" will show only the flights that are currently running.
  • Selecting "Hidden" will show only hidden flights.
  • Selecting "Pending" will show only flights which are not yet started.
  • You can make hidden flights visible again by choosing the "Hidden" option from the drop down menu to see all hidden flights, clicking on the flight name, then clicking on the "Show Flight" button at the bottom of the Flight Plan page.

  •    Using Tribal Fusion as a Complete Ad-serving Solution
    Tribal Fusion offers its publishers the free use of its full-service adserving system. This allows you to book, track and manage campaigns on your website through our online interface, free of charge. Dozens of publishers have used our free adserving interface to save thousands of dollars in adserving fees per month. In addition, using our system as your ad-server maximizes the revenue potential of your site by giving us access to your most valuable inventory. Our campaigns will be more likely to perform, and our ad-server will then serve your site more impressions.

    To use this service, you need to hard code our tags into your site pages and then set up the non-Tribal Fusion campaigns as redirects and post flights. You can track and manage your campaigns with the same interface and procedures as setting up your defaults. You also have access to campaign reports that display creative performance, spend by day, and flight status. Simply click on the campaign name under "Ad Campaigns", then "Status" or "Reports".

       Frequently Asked Questions
    How do I land a flight?
    Click on the flight name, then the "Status" tab. Click on "Land Flight" to stop the flight.

    Can I delete flights and campaigns?
    You can delete a client, campaign, and/or flight as long as the flight has not been launched in our system. Once a flight has been started, however, the associated campaign and client cannot be deleted. We have set up our system this way so that there is always a record of activity and changes from flight to flight. However, you can use the drop down menu to choose which flights are visible, click here to learn how this works.

    My campaign status is pending. Do I need approval before starting my redirect flight?
    No, you do not need approval for post campaigns. You can launch your flight although the campaign status is listed as pending.

    Do you support rich media for redirect campaigns?
    Yes, we do support rich media redirects. You need to create an HTML file on your own web server that contains the code for the ad. Then simply select "Rich Media Redirect" when adding media to your campaign and enter the corresponding url. You can then change and edit your rich media redirect code on that HTML page whenever you'd like.

    I have set up a rich media campaign, but I'm still seeing public service announcements on my site. Why does this happen?
    If a user is using a browser that does not support rich media, our server cannot serve your rich media redirect and will thus serve a standard format public service announcement. To avoid PSAs from showing, you should set up a standard img/ahref default campaign in addition to your rich media redirect and set the flight at a lower priority than the rich media flight. More often times than not, however, the number of PSAs is very minimal and shouldn't be a major concern.

    Help! I'm completely lost and need some help. How do I contact you?
    For further assistance, please send an email to publishers@tribalfusion.com. A member from the Tribal Fusion Network Development team will be in contact with you as soon as possible.