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As quality display advertising inventory becomes more constrained, advertisers are finding it increasingly difficult to attract and engage users and are looking for new and innovative ways to reach consumers online.  Text-link advertising provides a new approach to targeting audiences and engaging users when they are reading content. After completing a successful beta program, Tribal Fusion introduces EchoTopic, which enables advertisers to deliver text-link advertising on premium publisher sites in the Tribal Fusion network.

How it works
EchoTopic uses semantic analysis to scan pages of a Web site to determine the page topic.  Unlike other competing products, EchoTopic’s proprietary technology identifies the true topic against which keywords and relevant advertising are matched, so there is no confusion and only relevant offers are displayed. For example, a travel advertiser can rest assured that its travel offer for Paris, France will not appear next to Paris Hilton content. The EchoTopic technology also determines which ads will perform best. Relevant ads and real-time optimization translate into a more relevant user experience and higher click-through and conversion rates.

Campaigns can be targeted using a variety of attributes specified by the advertiser including topic, keyword or model/part number.  When a user mouses over highlighted text, an ad appears as a balloon within a page of content relevant for the product or service.

Why EchoTopic?
Tribal Fusion’s EchoTopic delivers unique benefits for advertisers: 

  • More Relevant Ads: Unlike competing product offerings which merely use simple keyword highlighting, EchoTopic’s use of semantic analysis translates into more relevant advertising and more engaged and receptive readers. A more relevant experience for users leads to higher CTRs and better conversions than other text-link solutions. 
  • Easier Campaign Management: Advertisers purchase in-text contextual campaigns by topic rather than by keyword, so there are no complex keyword lists to manage. 
  • Leverage Wealth of Data: EchoTopic can be combined with dynamic data feeds – XML or RSS – so advertisers can leverage product data and include model or part numbers in the ads in real-time.
  • Multiple Formats: EchoTopic ad units can incorporate text, graphics and video for a more engaging user experience.

EchoTopic text-link contextual advertising is currently available on sites in the Technology, Automotive, and Arts and Entertainment verticals in the Tribal Fusion network.  Travel, Health, and Finance sites will soon offer text-link contextual ads. 

For more information about EchoTopic, click here.